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Join hosts shalan joudry and Frank Meuse for conversations about contemporary Mi’kmaw life and the things that sustain us, like the land, friends, and stories. Produced by shalan joudry.

Voices of Friendship

June 30, 2021

Inspired by Elder Opolahsomuwehs, many of my friends came together digitally to sing a few rounds of a Friendship Song. Sharing our voices and our hearts. Wela'lioq to all of the contributors: Hannah Martin, Ashley Moffat, Ursula Johnson, Atsuko Tomita Poirier, Daniel Poirier, Tamami Poirier, Bliss Rae, Soul Rae, Bleu Rae, Cedar Meuse-Waterman, Rose Meuse, Theresa Meuse, Chris O’Neill, Christina Chui, Erin Welch, Heather Castleden, David Huebert, Natasha Bastien, Rose Huebert, Janet Larkman, Laura Hunter, Marilyn Ouellette, Megan Crowley, Nanci Lee, Sam Sternberg, Mel Mills, Susanne Chui, Sylvia Moore, Tamim Arabi, Yuki Inoue, and the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts’ youth leaders of 2020: Eamonn Schwartz, Hannah Gold-Apel, Andrew (Andy) Waite, Avery Crowe, Jacob Hazelwood, Max (Alfie) Gros, Maya Vaz-Gibson, Ruby Gill, Samara Whitelaw, Marah LaForge, Max Miller, Claire Embanks, Jonah McKay, Zach MacDonald, Juliana Sepe, Kay Murgatroyd, Roza Zalot, Felix Belanger, Cassie Taylor, and Bella Steeves. Thanks to audio editor Nathan Waterman and to Arts NS for the project support.